Acid JAC – Deja Vu

Owen Conti and I have been working like crazy this week to film, edit and color correct our latest project, a full length music video for Acid JAC. Going into the project, we really didn’t want to create a sort of “cookie cutter” typical music video. We had plans for a story going on along with the jamming footage. After realizing that we had one day to shoot all the footage, and a week to edit, a cookie cutter video was all we had time for. There were a few issues we can address for our next video project, but we learned a ton about shooting proper flat footage and color correcting that footage in post.

Regardless, we are super happy with how it turned out. Check it out.

The Camera Store vs. Vistek

I’ve been a big fan of The Camera Store in Calgary since I started purchasing and renting camera and film equipment. I’ve had consistently good service and wasn’t tempted to even bother trying anywhere else. When it came time to rent gear for an upcoming project of mine, I of course called The Camera Store to see what they had. They didn’t have the steadycam I needed, so I booked a backdrop from them and gave Vistek a call. Not only did Vistek have a better selection of rentals, they provided me with better service in the long run.

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