Whats a sagalbot?

Well, to be honest I’m not sure. I do know that my name is Jeff, and I’m a web/graphic designer living in Canada. I’m currently a second year student in the New Media Production and Design program at SAIT. It’s a great program that mixes all of my interests into one. Web development currently being at the top of that list, closely followed by photography, motion graphics and graphic design.

Whats there to do at sagalbot?

I’d love to say that the site is filled with informative tutorials, insider tips and tricks and inspiring media. I can’t say that quite yet. Although, with my newest theme rolling out on the blog, utilizing all I’ve learned in the last year in addition to the great features of WordPress 3.0, it is going to be much easier for me to organize, write, and maintain content within the site.

I’m open to all kinds of projects. If you are interested in what I can offer you or your business, please take a minute to check out my portfolio at Plus Eleven Media. Drop me a line and let’s have  a conversation about your project.

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