Busy Busy..

Man, have I ever been busy. I kind of figured that summer would hit, assignments would be out of the picture and I’d have a whole lot of free time. Turns out it’s quite the opposite. My last blog/news entry was some time in May, and I figured it’s time I added something to the blog.

AcidJAC.com is now live! I’ve still got some work to do, but it’s looking pretty solid. The site uses a great plugin; Events Calendar Premium, that allows the band to manage shows directly from the wordpress panel. They can add descriptions, start times, google maps, and lots more. Definitely worth taking a look at. The plugin is completely customizable so you can integrate it into any custom theme. I did have a few issues, but they were quickly addressed and fixed by the developers.

I’d love to hear some feedback regarding the Acid JAC website!

Acid JAC @ The Palomino

Acid JAC played a killer show at the Palomino in Calgary on May 29. The sound out of this place is really impressive. These guys are taking off, with the first EP now on sale! I managed to fill up a 4 GB card shooting these guys on Friday night. Lots of photo ops as these guys put on a pretty exciting show.

Acid JAC is going to be playing at The Distillery two nights this coming week, Wednesday at 9, and Thursday at 10. Be sure to stop by for an awesome show! Grab your copy of the EP Tattoos and Tweed Amps while you’re at it!

Acid JAC will also be playing at the Calgary Arrata Opera House on Saturday June 5 as part of OldschoolFest. This is one you don’t want to miss. $10 at the door!

Latest Project

I’ve been doing lots of promotional work for a local Calgary band, Acid JAC. They have an upcoming CD release at Radiopark in Calgary on May 20. If you like genuine rock and roll, you should go. It’s $10 cover and great drink and food specials.

I am nearly finished their promotional package, and figured I would share it here, as there is some nifty jQuery going on there. Take a look.

Let me know what you think!