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  1. i hope you get this as there is a green line around the box. i have become quite paranoid of anything and everything i touch the last few months. I am being harassed, terrorized and stalked. I know he has a front iPhone page..quite impressive actually. i have no idea how i cracked the cracker but i did, i just didn’t know what to do once i got there. very organized, but i just wanted to delete ME from all his files. i stumbled upon him in my docs, boy did he/she start writing updates…he forgot to shut one of the tabs down. at any rate, im interested now in helping poor lil’ innocent people like me from bullies that won’t even call me and let me speak my mind. i have had folks speak code to me…do this, throw in one of these…and i thank them, but i don’t even know where to type it. i can inspect in dev and learning much, but i dont know what to do expect request block and copy/delete. just regenerates. i guess one of my many rants on several sites got back to the “group” im in. i can get email once in a while as its redirected like my surfing. i have asked for help from git…now i am flagged. i never know if i am really writing to someone bc he has alll these overlays and fake pages…then sends to my email to rub in my face. my number 661.717.4980. i have posted that number for help all over the place…not one call, lol, can you believe that? i’m not bad to look at, but i am so much older…and i am very sick. so if you would like to help me put something together i will give you all the disorganized notes i have. i hope to hear from you.
    jenn cook

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