The Camera Store vs. Vistek

I’ve been a big fan of The Camera Store in Calgary since I started purchasing and renting camera and film equipment. I’ve had consistently good service and wasn’t tempted to even bother trying anywhere else. When it came time to rent gear for an upcoming project of mine, I of course called The Camera Store┬áto see what they had. They didn’t have the steadycam I needed, so I booked a backdrop from them and gave Vistek a call. Not only did Vistek have a better selection of rentals, they provided me with better service in the long run.

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Back! With a vengeance!

For those of you that don’t know, was the solution to one of my second semester assignments. It was the first website that I built from the ground up, and more specifically the first WordPress theme I have built. Over the course of this summer, I spent most of my time contracting for SWD, slicing PSD’s and writing the necessary php to create custom WordPress themes. My progress started slow and eventually I was creating four tier accordion menus, multi-themed sites and more.

One of my first assignments coming back into school was to critique the website that I had designed back in April 2010. My biggest complaint was readability. For a new media blog, it sure was damn hard to navigate and read in general. I picked white text on black backgrounds, hard-coded navigation menus and a difficult to update blog structure. This critique inspired my new theme! I opened photoshop at 6:00pm this evening, and it’s now 12:00am and I’m putting it live.

I still have some fixing to do here and there, but I hope you like it.

Now on a completely unrelated note, please watch this incredible youtube video.

Back to School

Well it’s that time of year again. I’m back to SAIT for my second and final year of New Media Production and Design. Now that I’m back here, I’ll actually have much more time to spend developing I’ve learned a lot over the course of the summer, including much more advanced techniques within wordpress. The theme coding on this site is pretty archaic and not very dynamic. I’ve got a fresh redesign that’s been sitting on the backburner for a few months now that should be ready to go within the next few weeks. Focusing less on flashy graphics and more on readability and updatability. Stay tuned!