Acid JAC – Deja Vu

Owen Conti and I have been working like crazy this week to film, edit and color correct our latest project, a full length music video for Acid JAC. Going into the project, we really didn’t want to create a sort of “cookie cutter” typical music video. We had plans for a story going on along with the jamming footage. After realizing that we had one day to shoot all the footage, and a week to edit, a cookie cutter video was all we had time for. There were a few issues we can address for our next video project, but we learned a ton about shooting proper flat footage and color correcting that footage in post.

Regardless, we are super happy with how it turned out. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Acid JAC – Deja Vu”

  1. Wow Jeff this is great, did you do a couple reruns of this and shoot at different times, or did you have a couple cameras set up?

    1. Thanks!

      We shot everything in one night over the course of about 4 hours or so. Set up was pretty much 6 hours on top of that.

      We basically shot the whole band jamming through the whole song three or four times with one camera shooting a planned tripod shot and the other mounted to a steadycam shooting improv handheld stuff. Then we did a couple individual shots in front of a huge softbox and a few runs through just filming drums.

      We had planned on adding a story line to mix in, and we had a bunch of shots planned but we ran out of time. Regardless, pretty happy with how it turned out. The color correction and grading took forever.

  2. yeah i thought you did have more than one camera set up and more that one rerun.
    must have been tedious work. its looks clean nonetheless, and i think its a job well done.

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