Early Season Canmore Shred

I headed out to Canmore today for some early season mountain biking. Things were looking awesome and the weather was holding up great. About a minute before dropping into Reclaimer, clouds rolled in and the snow started dumping. It added some serious fun to the ride and mixed it up a bit with some slickness and of course lot’s of mud.

It was my first DH ride on my new reign X0, riding clipless on some crank brothers mallets. It took some getting used to but I’ve gotta say that I really like the added stability of being attached to the bike over the gnarly stuff. I managed to take a few shots that turned out half-decent.

One thing that I would really like to see on new DSLRs is zebra striping for focus. I shot these photos around f3.5 and the ISO up a little higher than usual to give them a bit of grain, but really struggled to get the subject in focus. As a result, these are not quite what I wanted, although it was a good learning experience. Slowly starting to figure out how to set up the camera to do exactly what I want. Anyways, here’s the photos from an awesome day.

I’m not really crazy about any of these. All of them have composition and focus issues that I don’t like, but felt they deserved a place on here anyways.

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